Customer Care

Usage and maintenance


Always keep the visor in excellent condition to ensure perfect visibility. Replace it immediately if it becomes scratched, damaged or can no longer be cleaned properly.
In order to clean the visor properly, remove it from the helmet and wipe it with a soft cloth and the special AGV cleaner.

Alternatively, wipe the visor with a soft cloth and warm water, adding neutral soap to the water if the visor is very dirty. Rinse it under running water and dry it with a soft cloth. It is much easier and you will obtain the best results if you clean the visor and helmet immediately after use.

- Do not use gasoline, benzene, glass cleaners or other chemical products and solvents because they may jeopardize the quality of the visor
- Do not use sources of heat to dry the visor
- Do not use sharp or pointed objects to remove dirt from the visor so that it does not become scratched
- Do not apply stickers or sticky tape to the visor

Follow the instructions above to clean the plastic parts of the helmet such as the air inlets and visor mechanism. Use compressed air to remove dirt, dust or insects from the parts that you cannot reach with a cloth. Remove the lining or cover it with newspaper to protect it and prevent the inside of the helmet from becoming dirty during this operation.