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Matterley Basin (Great Britain) August 25, 2013

One week since his comeback at the GP in Belgium, in the next-to-last Championship race, Gautier Paulin proved to be set for full recovery and that his fall in Lausitzring had left no scars.

The Kawasaki official rider, racing with an AGV AX-8 Evo helmet, as a matter of fact started the GP in Great Britain with a 9th place, due largely to problems at take-off because of his team-mate Jeremy Van Horebeek's motorcycle landing on near the end of the straight lane of track past the start line.

Finding himself relegated to the bottom of the grid, Paulin slowly improved his ranking without over-stepping the throttle, in an attempt to ward off the possibility of a physical setback, considering his still imperfect shape.

In the next leg he instead had a good bout and after having climbed to 6th place, he went up another notch, cruising in 5th for the rest of the race.

"I'm quite pleased with my second leg", Paulin commented. "Even without overdoing it, I am regaining my pace. That's enough for me now, because after having lost my chances of contending for the title, my goal is to be ready for the Nations' Motocross".

Another day of mixed results, instead, for David Philippaerts: the Tuscan rider of Honda again made an impressive display in the first leg with solid racing that allowed him to climb up to 7th place, but he did not succeed in topping that performance in the second leg, as a rider bumped into him, throwing him to the ground in the opening laps of the race.

The fall caused David strong pain to a leg, which forced him to quit the race, therefore finishing in an overall 13th place.

The Estonian Tanel Leok did better, he too sporting an AGV AX-8 Evo helmet. Thanks to the 10th place in the first leg and 9th in the second, he finished 9th for the day.

The 17th and final Championship race will be held in September 8 on the Dutch circuit of Lierop, which precedes the traditional and long anticipated team face-off of the Nations' Motocross on September 29, where Paulin, Philippaerts and Leok will be representing their respective Countries.