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Remembering the first model created by Gino Amisano and the progress made in the 67 years that followed.

This year celebrates 60 years since the introduction of the helmet that made world motorcycling history. AGV will now retrace all the steps from the very first model designed by Gino Amisano up to the latest hi-tech generation AGV EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS.

It was in 1954 that, with the help of his wife, Gino Amisano - the father of AGV - created the FIRST MODERN FIBREGLASS HELMET.

His intuitive idea came from the experience he had gained from making saddles, even the ones fitted as standard equipment, for the Vespa. He decided to use the same technique for a helmet and created a model known as the 160. It was the classic bowl shape, coloured, shiny and had an internal "cross" system to keep it in position on the head.

From that moment on, AGV concentrated more and more on producing helmets which interpreted and anticipated the needs of motorcyclists. Beautiful lines and attention paid to safety became key factors for the brand name and the history of AGV. Their helmets very quickly became not just the first choice for riders but also a symbol of quality in the years of the Italian economic boom.

In 2014 - 60 years later - the same principles apply to the intensive research work concerning safety materials and led to the creation of a new range of helmets – AGV EXTREME STANDARDS HELMETS - based on the concept of “Human Engineering”. This is a new method used for designing helmets that starts from the components that are in direct contact with the head and gradually progresses to the outer shell to provide better safety and even smaller helmet sizes.

This product line is the latest of AGV's great success stories. Thanks to the use of FEM (Finite Elements Analysis), new standards have been set for safety, comfort and ergonomics.

AGV. 67 years of helmets, innovation and safety.