Research & Development

AGV 3D Technology

Over the years, AGV has perfected an integrated design system where research, knowledge and different areas of expertise have come together with the aim of constantly improving our products.

This system is managed digitally at every stage; we begin with hand sketches (1) and realistic photographic renderings (2), which after a digital mock-up stage (3-4) (C.A.I.D. - Computer Aided Industrial Design) and mechanical design (5) (C.A.D. - Computer Aided Design) become 3D files that can be used to generate a virtual environment. This is made available to the various departments involved in product development (designers, the sales department, design engineers, the industrial production department and the product testing department).

Having completed several important stages, the feasibility of design choices is confirmed using a series of rapid prototypes, an FEA analysis (6) (Finite Elements model Analysis, i.e virtual crashes) and a FMEA (Failure and Mode Effect Analysis), which study in fine detail a product’s final features (aesthetic features-size-functions-aerodynamic performanceergonomic features-structural features), before industrial production begins.

Having carefully prepared the machinery required for production, test prototypes are produced for road and track trials before a product’s launch on the market. This system allows us to have accurate and synergic control of every step in a product’s development, resulting in the constant improvement of a product’s performance.